Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Mining Pool since Nov 14, 2017

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Please stay for atleast 48 hours to raise the possibility of finding a new block!
Use legit Bitcoin Gold A or G addresses only!
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Bitcoin-gold Top Miners

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Here are the Top Hashers
Address Shares Efficiency Hashrate
Gfg3rwk6DBzGDwKcj1kmwjxb4HdkRDPfKP 56301.03 100% 1.73 KSol/s
GMPq9ifpCQuNUPGEQSgNzvg58iv79EvRhL 20090.33 100% 158.34 Sol/s
GKxLFWasrVZd4kFPmjGLWrZa1LmJbUHDr2 99454.55 100% 138.11 Sol/s